Myrna was at the Belo Horizonte Airport, when she was arrested for the first time in her life. Three of the guards pushed her entire fragile body to the floor and knocked her head against the concrete. She felt confused and could not understand the reason for such a violent encounter with these three men. 

The guards were screaming at her in Portuguese as she noticed other travelers glaring at her. She felt humiliated even though she had no idea what was going on. Not comprehending the Portuguese, boisterous words leaking out from the mouths of the guards, the impotence and anger paralyzed her.

Down on the floor, Myrna spotted a green, stick insect crawling near her face. She envied the insect as she wished to camouflage in between the concrete ground that knocked her head. She wanted to be an immobile insect on the ground to discourage her predators from caging her life. 

Myrna looked up in a failed attempt to obtain Bruno’s attention. She urged for a logical explanation.

“BRUNO!” A desperate howl came out of her guts.

Instead of looking back at her, Bruno avoided her call. He glanced to the opposite direction while the other two guards handcuffed him.

Unlike Myrna, Bruno did not combat his arrest. He calmly moved both of his arms towards his back as he had rehearsed it in the past.

Minutes before Myrna became a prey of deceit, Bruno was professing her infinite love. She believed him. She trusted him. She loved him.

On her way to Sao Paulo with her lover, Myrna could not feel happier. Pure euphoria until loud barks woke her up from her shammed paradise. 

Two Dutch Shepherd dogs sniffing on Myrna’s travel bag. A medium sized garment, leather travel bag that Bruno had given her after inviting her to Brazil.

<Barks. Really loud barks.> 

<Sniffs. Uncontrollable sniffs.>

“Hurry up!” Bruno commanded Myrna, while violently pulling her by her arm. 

<Rapid steps.>

“Hold on.” Said a deep, male voice in Portuguese from behind. 

Both turned around and realized that the deep, male voice came from one of the airport security guards. The dogs continued barking, sniffing. 

Observing the wild, violent sniffs and barks, the security guard asked Myrna and Bruno to follow him. 

Bruno’s perspiration alerted her.

The security guard took Bruno and Myrna to a surveillance area and seized their bags. He put on his hands a pair of plastic gloves and unlocked Myrna’s travel bag. He rapidly threw out onto the floor Myrna’s belongings. Belongings that she had carefully packed hours before.

Myrna revealed a tone of tranquility but Bruno’s agitation indicated culpability.

After fifteen minutes of scrupulous inspection, the security guard affirmed he was almost done. He then took out a small knife from the front pocket of his t-shirt and made a slight cut on the inside of the travel bag. A soft, silk fabric. 

A compact piece of plastic emanated in between the silk.

The guard fiercely ripped off the silk and took out a sack of cocaine wrapped in plastic. 

“THIS IS NOT MINE!” Myrna screamed in Spanish.

The guard laughed. 

“That’s what everyone says.” Murmured the guard in Spanish.

He pulled out a mobile radiotelephone and said two or three words in Portuguese. 

Seconds later, four more guards arrived to the surveillance area. 

The guards took Myrna and Bruno to an isolated room located in the back side of the Belo Horizonte Airport. Myrna continued screaming in Spanish in an unsuccessful aim to defend her innocence.

They walked in between the travelers, who only stared at Myrna’s agony.

When all arrived to the isolated room, two guards handcuffed Myrna to the chair. The other four remained standing next to Bruno.

“What going on, Bruno?” Asked Myrna in Spanish. Her voice sounded exhausted and downhearted. 

“I’m sorry, Myrna.” Responded Bruno. These were the last and only words she heard from Bruno. Myrna took a deep breath and wept. 

After handcuffing Myrna to the chair, the guards pushed out Bruno of the isolated room.

Myrna stayed there. Alone and scared. Inside that freezing, silent room. A room painted in dark gray, with two bright lights on the ceiling, a chair and plastic triangular table.

She had never felt so frightened in her life. 

Out of torment and desperation, Myrna tried to slip her hands out of the handcuffs. Injuring her wrists, she stopped until she bled. Once again Myrna resented the green, stick insect she had spotted on the concrete floor, as she needed to give up her limbs and escape her agony.

The end.